Immigration And Its Effect On Economic And Social Aspects Of The American Society

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Immigration is among the most common aspects of the American society. It started in the during the slave trade period. The slaves originated from various countries in Asia and Africa and transported to Europe and America. Slave trade brought the largest group of immigrant in America. In addition, some of the slave traders from Europe settled in United States, which increased the number of immigrants. Another source of immigrants is the brain drain. Various specialists from developing countries migrate to America in search of employment opportunities. This brain drain type of immigration is common in the modern American society. Individuals from other countries also migrate to United States in search of quality education and attainment of the American dream. The modern American society appreciates immigrants while the tradition American society was opposed to the idea of increased immigration into the country. Immigration has negative and positive impacts on economic and social aspects of the American society. It promotes innovation and enhances various social activities such as sports. In addition, it brings income to various learning institutions in the country. During, the reconstruction and cold war periods, immigration enhanced industrialization and the armed forces personnel in America. Immigration brought various social conflicts in the society in 1960s. . The Native Americans were opposed to various laws…

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