The Importance Of Immigration To America

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The upside of having immigrant in the America

People has been migrating from their birth land to escape prosecution, religious freedom, and economic reasons. By 1920 more than 4 million non-naturalize people reside in United States (U.S History). In response to the Gold Rust: several Chinese came to American and California saw the importance of making a way to travel to the west In 1886 Chinese were paid 28 dollars per month do work on the railroad which with lack of safety. Chinese immigrant was a big help in building the railroads. The Chinese used the techniques they learned from China to construct the roads (U.S History). People come from all over the world to seek better life for themselves and or for their family in return their staying
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In fact, without immigration our labor force would being to shrink within two decades”, stated on Daniel Griswold article. A study done in 2012 by Fiscal Policy Institution show 18% of business owner are immigrants. More and more immigrants are building their own business; two decade ago the number was 12% and now today it is 18% (Sanburn 2012). Immigrant get to businesses like restaurants, real estate, firms, grocery stores and physician 's offices. For an example Lowell Hawthorne, CEO of New York-based bakery and grill is an immigrant from Jamaica (Saburn 2012). The largest number of immigrant ownership are found in the professional and business services sector. Immigrants make thirteen percent of the United State Population (Sanburn 2012). Close to half of the small business in New York City are run by immigrant.
Secondly, Immigrants save the economic money by doing the unwanted jobs that others reject for cheaper wages. The Chinese worked on the dangerous tasks of the railroad for minimum wages. Their obedience characteristic and efficient skilled brought more Chinese into the railroad industry. It has been recorded the Chinese lay ten miles of track in just twelve hours. The Irish in the meantime were doing the same work but they got paid 35 dollars per months instead of $28. (John,
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Immigrants are the one who rent houses in neighborhoods where people fine less-attractive, which means middle class and working class American have the attractive part to themselves. Those attractive areas where immigrants doesn’t reside make the value of that areas value increases. Research was done to see if there were any relationship in housing and immigration. PNAE and AS/COA were the tools that was used in the research, PNAE and AS/COA are system that measure county to county pricing, released data on the contribution immigrants has on the economic shows immigrants put together add up to $3.7 trillion to U.S. housing wealth (McDaniel 2013). “The report presents three broad findings related to immigrants and the housing market: Immigrants directly drive housing demand through their own purchasing power; immigrants indirectly generate demand by drawing native-born individuals to opportunities in growing areas; and immigrants shift demand for housing within metro areas toward neighborhoods that had fallen out of favor” said Matthew. In Houston, Texas housing is one of the nation’s most affordable place because a lot of immigrants live there. Immigration contribute to 25,000 to the typical home value in Huston for over the past ten

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