Immigrant Farmworkers as a Vulnerable Population Essay

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Immigrant Farm Workers as a Vulnerable Population
Ronda LaVigne
HCS 531
August 29, 2011
Doris Chimera, RN, MA, MHA

Immigrant Farm Workers as a Vulnerable Population This essay will provide an overview of immigrant farm workers as an example of a vulnerable population in society. A sample population demographic and background information about the community provides characteristics and context about why this group constitutes a vulnerable population. A discussion about the challenges and disparities farm workers incur when accessing health care with an assessment of the impact on federal, state, and local health care delivery systems. Key stakeholders in public and private domains are noted outlining
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These two factors work in combination and contribute to the rise in obesity and diabetes seen in the Hispanic culture. Socioeconomics also influences the ability of this group to pay for health care services. Most do not have health care insurance; if they do their plans are bare bones with high co-pays or lack of coverage for physician visits or medications. Even if funding for health care was available the reality of leaving a farm workers job to go to the doctor could mean the loss of a day’s wages or worse loss of employment. Most work six or seven days a week, 10- hour days, and this leaves little time for health maintenance issues. This becomes a huge challenge for those who may have chronic disease processes such as hypertension or diabetes. One can see how traditional methods of accessing and delivery health care are not successful for this population. Many immigrant workers do not speak English. If they do their comprehension of the English is below social norms. Some farm workers emerging from southern parts of Mexico and Guatemala do not comprehend English or Spanish. This further complicates translations. These language barriers have significance surrounding safety issues and their ability to access health care systems. If unable to understand even basic transmittal of information complex issues become impossible. Lack of knowledge about

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