Essay on Imaginarium Company Maketing

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Felix Tena, founder of Imaginarium toy shop, after finishing his degree in Business Administration in USA, returned to Spain where founded “Publijuego” in 1980. It was a small company devoted to manufacturing and selling educational toys. However, due to Mr. Tena made a deal with some Italian colleagues, who only wanted to take advance of his company in order to distribute their own products, the company failed.
Nevertheless, in November 1992, after doing a wide market study, where he found a lot of niches in the toys world, he opened the first “Imaginarium” little shop in Zaragoza. Currently it is a manufacturer, purchaser, seller and retailer toy business that sells a wide range of quality and carefully
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In consequence, the initial marketing strategy was based on strong marketing support to the stores, extensive catalogues and limited advertising. However, soon they saw in internet a very useful tool to promote and in august 1999 Imaginarium’s first website was created. In the beginning it was a mere introductory website, whose role was primarily to publicize the company and its products. It wasn’t interactive. But it also changed soon because Tena decided he wanted to further develop his relations with guests and members. For that reason he created a new company Imaginarium Net and its “Club Imaginarium”. In fact, currently Imaginarium manages, possibly, the most important families’ community of Spain through this Club Imaginarium, which includes more than 500,000 families all over the world.

Three different activities were carried out to promote the launch of the new website. First, an agreement was reached with Navegalia, a portal and free-access provider to the Internet and belonged to the telecommunications company Airtel. Secondly, a campaign was launched using banners on a wide number of general portals and children’s websites. And last but not least, a major public-relations campaign was carried out on TV and radio and through press releases in different technical a business

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