Imagery In The Crucible

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The Crucible, Explained
Authors use a variety of techniques to ensure the message of their story is received. Some will spell it out for the reader in simple words, or will focus heavily on the dialogue of the characters. In the cast of Arthur Miller's The Crucible he uses several important characters and themes that play off of one another to construct a tale that will leave an impression.
In my project, the collage, I chose specific objects, and pictures, that best represented the themes and characters in the play. For example, the theme of conformity played a large role in the play. When the character Abigail Williams was able to persuade her group girls into following her lead and convince nearly an entire town of the presence of witchcraft,
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To show what an important part conformity played in the play I used a picture of a group of men all dressed in the same attire. This demonstrates that once one person begins to follow suit, others will flock. In addition to conformity, I included the theme of chaos in my collage. Along with conformity I included the motif of selfishness. Selfishness appears repeatedly throughout The Crucible, most notably in the character of Abigail Williams for she is willing to breaks anybody’s back, step on anyone’s throat to achieve her goals. For instance, Abigail was willing to kill Goody Proctor all in hopes of achieving her dream to be with John Proctor. In my collage I was able to showcase the motif of selfishness by choosing a picture with signs labeled “selfishness”, “greed” etc. Additionally, I chose a theme of chaos to be in my collage. Chaos is one of the primary roles of The Crucible, as it centers the entirety of the play. That is, the play revolves …show more content…
This adds to the story as it is the reason for John Proctor’s downfall, and why he commits to a crime he did not commit. In my collage I decided to incorporate a picture of a man standing in the rain with his arms outspread, as he is attempts to let the rain wash away his sins and be cleansed, much like John Proctor attempted to do through confessing.
I also added reputation into my collage as so many characters in The Crucible were most, if not entirely concerned with theirs. In particular, the character of Reverend Parris was concerned with the sullying of his character and took extensive measures to ensure his good name in the town. This fact led me to include the theme of reputation in my collage as indicated by the picture of a man attempting to clean a banner with the words reputation on

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