Essay On Black Beauty

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In today’s society the concept of beauty is controversial. What size is beautiful? What hair texture or skin color is deemed as “beautiful” in contemporary society? The readings in class try to argue that black is beautiful as is, however, our mixed thoughts towards the subject shows the reality that beauty is defined by each individual. Influenced by the pressures of white society, media, and also the preferences of our male counterparts, the image of beauty is a term used as means to change and alter the minds of women. Specifically, I would like to address how these ideologies have led black women to feel insecure about their own bodies. TLC’s music video to the song, “Unpretty” released on YouTube in 2010, is an ode to women to tell us …show more content…
Riley argues otherwise in her short narrative entitled, “The Black Beauty Myth,” stating,
White women may dominate pop culture images of women, but black women aren’t completely absent. While self-depreciating racism is still a factor in the way black women view themselves, white women give themselves to much credit when they assume that black women still want to look like them. Unfortunately, black women have their own beauty ideals to perpetually fall short of. (Riley, pg. 358)
Riley then goes on to name beautiful black women who additionally contribute to comparisons that deteriorate our self-worth. Although Riley and TLC disagree on which race constructs our insecurities, they both do agree that the media and the males play an extensive role in our formulation of beauty. Towards the ending of this video we see each of these women embracing their traits and seeing themselves as a diamond in the rough. The larger woman is seen parading around her bathroom in a bathing suit, and the women whose mind had previously became corrupted by her significant other is shown fighting back. These scenes at the end show the strength of each woman’s ability to accept themselves and their bodies. This is to go to show that all women, at some point, do go through struggles with their bodies, but in due time come to realize that beauty has been within all

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