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International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, Vol. 1, No. 3, August 2011

Case Study of Online Retailing Fast Fashion Industry
Wei Zhenxiang and Zhou Lijie
 Abstract—The study investigates into the fast fashion industry worldwide, specifically on Zara, H&M and UNIQLO with respect to efficient supply chain management, scarce value creation, low costs promotions and positioning strategy, supported by comparisons between several typical well-known fast fashion brands. Through the overall analysis of B2C apparel online retailing in China, statistics show an enormous space for online retailing fast fashion industry to explore but a far way to catch up with the leading enterprises in the world in terms of
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TABLE I: WORLDWIDE APPAREL SPECIALTY STORES Company Name Country (Flagship Brand) Hennes & Mauritz Sweden Spain USA Japan Fiscal Year Nov. Jan. Jan. Aug. 2009 2010 2010 2010 (¥Billions) 1,208.70 1,208.40 1,187.00 814.8 End of Sales

I. INTRODUCTION The traditional marketing and management of fast fashion industry is experiencing a revolution because of the emerging of e-commerce. Since the birth of e-commerce, businesses have been able to make use of the Internet in reducing costs associated with purchasing, managing supplier relationships, streamlining logistics and inventory, and developing strategic advantage and successful implementation of business re-engineering. E-commerce allows companies to improve communications within the supply chain and enhance service offering, thus providing chances for competitive differentiation. That may explain why so many online retailing companies merged in China recently, such as Joyo Amazon, Dangdang, Taobao, Vancl and 360 Buy. This article takes Zara and Vancl in comparison for case study to analyze the success of the newly merging online retailing company in fast fashion industry and raises suggestions for Chinese fast fashion industry to stay competitive in the future. II. BRIEF ON THE FAST FASHION INDUSTRY WORLDWIDE Consumers are reluctant to spend on discretionary items, and when they do, they expect fashion, quality and low cost items. Fast fashion is a contemporary term

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