Illegal Immigration Is Defined As Foreign Peoples Entering The United States

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Illegal immigration is defined as foreign peoples entering the United States without the permission from the government. Government permission is given in the form of a visa. These visas are issued to individuals and are good for a certain amount of time. Immigration is also considered illegal when individuals with visas stay beyond the expiration of their visa. In 2008, the Center for Immigration studies estimated the number of illegal immigrants in the United States to be just over 10 million. This number is hard to estimate because of the lack of documentation for these people and it is possible that the number could be up to 20 million. Pew Hispanic Center reports that most illegal immigrants in the US come from Mexico and settle in Hispanic communities across the country. Just under a quarter of illegal immigrants come from other Latin American countries and only a handful are from the rest of the world. Today, illegal immigrants are more likely to have a better education than those who arrived a decade before them. At least a quarter of illegal immigrants who have arrived in the past decade have some form of a college education. Still, this part of the population tends to be less educated with only half holding a high school diploma. In contrast, the majority of legal immigrants and native born Americans have at least a high school degree ( The National Public Radio states that illegal immigrants have lower salaries than legal immigrants, giving reason…

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