Essay on Illegal Immigration From The United States

838 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States has become a major issue. The American government has serious weaknesses in its immigration system, around one third of immigrants are living here illegally, around 12 million. For years, these people have knowingly and unknowingly damaged the economy of the Southwest, and employers have been supporting these immigrants by giving them jobs. New policies and systems need to be put into action to stop illegal immigrants from destroying the economy. Educating the illegal immigrants is important to saving the economy. West (2011) provides some context to this issue from information found by the National Research Council, that around 3 quarters of illegal immigrants do not pay state or federal income taxes. As well as not paying taxes these immigrants aren’t fully participating in the economic process. Most of these illegal immigrants are here to get money for their families in Mexico. Thus not all the money they earn goes back into the American economy.Correa-Cabrera and Rojas-Arenaza (2012) found according to the information provided by the Customs Information System that illegal immigrants cost the American economy $10 billion per year. A way to solve this issue could be to create new policy that encourages more illegal immigrants to become educated. Chirot (2010) wrote that educating the next generation is the solution because through education these children would learn that to become successful in America they need to…

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