Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Illegal Immigrant children in the United States of America
Sinead Golding
English Research and Writing (ENG215)
Professor Rebecca Kaminsky
August 5th 2011

The issue at hand is the amount of Illegal immigrant children in the United States (U.S.) who will soon age out of the foster care system. These children accompany their parents to the U.S leaving behind extended family that under normal circumstances would have been a source of support with regard to childcare, financial assistance, etc...Others come to the United States searching for family that, before having left their home country, had played an active part in their rearing. It’s not until they age out of the foster care system that they become aware of their
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As of today, children who enter the United States illegally are entitled to attend school and upon successful completion receive a high school diploma. It is vital that the children who are not in the care of their families understand their options when it comes to becoming a permanent legal resident of the U.S. The children may qualify for a program that grants legal status to juveniles in the United States. Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) allows a juvenile who is part of the court system because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment to apply for a green card (legal permanent resident status) (Special Immigrant Juvneile Status). To qualify for SIJS, a court in the U.S. must have declared the child a court dependent, or have legally committed the child to a state agency or department. The court must have found that parental reunification is not possible, and it is not in the child's best interest to be returned to the home country. In some situations the child’s parent(s) have been deported, so a relative, the community, or the foster care system is caring for the child. An Arizona State University study reported that roughly 5 million children live with a parent who is in the U.S. illegal. Of the 5 million children, about 1.6 million entered the U.S. illegally. What the study doesn’t capture is the number of illegal immigrant children in the foster care system, cared for by other family members, or living independently responsible for

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