Essay on Illegal Immigrants And The United States

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Illegal immigrants have been the topic of concern in every political aspect possible throughout history. Many people and politicians feel as though all immigrants pose a danger to the Nation and the people in it. However, immigrants have been amongst us and roamed the United States since the 19th century like actual citizens, just looking for a better way of living that will help them to provide for their family. An immigrant can be described as a person who up roots from country to live permanently in a foreign country and make it their new home. Many believe that everyone should get a chance to become a United States citizen and to experience the “American dream” that this country has instilled. Immigrants aren’t a big threat to society that many people think and claim. They help mold the Nation into a better one and boost the nation’s economy in numerous ways. In most cases the only downsize to immigrants coming in is the rapid growth in population. If the government will just allow many of the immigrants that are here illegally already become actual citizens, they will be contributing to the economy more through the payment of taxes.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, there were reportedly 13.1 million illegal immigrants living within the United States. Out of all those immigrants many snuck in the country illegally, or they once had a visa that had expired and never got it renewed. Taking a look back in history this nation was built up by immigrants,…

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