Ignatius Research Paper

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Ignatius was a contemporary of Peter and Paul. According to tradition, he was a friend of Polycarp, it is believed that John taught Polycarp and Irenaeus, therefore these men were all disciple of John. Tradition holds that Peter and Paul left instructions that Ignatius should be made a bishop. Subsequently, he was consecrated bishop of Antioch. Legend holds that Ignatius was one of the children that Jesus received and blessed when He said, let the little children come to me. When he was the bishop, he encouraged his Christians to hold firm to their faith during the persecution by refusing to worship the king as a god. He was renowned for his inspirational writings. Being a disciple of the apostles, the church upholds his teachings dearly. He …show more content…
He knocked on every door of knowledge of his days. In his quest for knowledge, he joined the followers of Aristotle and later threw himself into the arms of Platonist. They were intellectually challenging but they did not satisfy Justin’s hunger for the truth. He continued his search and in his contemplation, the resilience of Christians amid suffering and death in calmness and serenity struck him. Consequently, in 130 AD, he had a conversation with and old man who introduced Justin to scripture and it transformed his life. As Justin reflected, he realized that this philosophy was profitable and it turns him around for good not looking back. After his conversion, he defended the church against false teaching. He provided the first account of the liturgy, which the church upholds till present day. His belief in the real presence was intense and Jesus’ teaching to his followers to be witnesses was not words only. Justin read beyond, which for him implied martyrdom. He opened Christian school and taught his student that Christianity was the true philosophy. Furthermore, When Christians were facing persecution, he wrote two letters to the emperor explaining what Christianity is all about. Christianity is not a threat to the state, he also asserts that he has examined all the doctrine, but the Christian doctrine is the best. Justin and his followers were arrested and they were beheaded for their faith. He is surnamed Martyr for giving his life for the true philosophy he had been

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