If You Want To Know Your Past, Look Into Your Present Decisions

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“If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If You want to know your future, look into your present actions.”-a Buddhist saying. This quote means the decisions you made affect current, and the decisions you make affect your future. So we need to make a dream and to make it true, because there is no time to waste. George Jenkins had a great experience to prove the quote; he crossed the poor conditions background with a positive value, made a strong friendship to help each others, and to step on their dream then to be successful in his life.
George Jenkins lived with his brother and mother, after his parents got divorce when he was two years old. His mother, Ella Jenkins Mack, started working to get them out. She was a
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Most kids spend more time with their friends than with their parents, their friends define what is acceptable and fashion. So select friends is really important things, because they might affect your life and future. George met Sam in the seventh grade, Rameck in junior year of high school. They learning lessons together, sharing dreams, and pulled in each others to the right direction. George really like them because although they drank, and never hassled him to drink. So he able to be himself with them. They worked part-time in their high school years, it is good thing because they could managed their own money. They played baseball together, even Rameck did not play well, but George and Sam taught him. George found an opportunity to go to college for free and be a doctor, he shared with Sam and Rameck. They were not sure about to be a doctor in the future, but George was trying to persuade them. Finally, they went to medical school and stick with one another to the …show more content…
Dreams are fulfilled only through action. Long ago, George went to see a dentist. The dentist was really patient to explain his tools and how he planned to use them; he taught little George the tool’s name and the basic knowledge about teeth. Since that day, George had a dream to be a dentist. Opportunity favors the prepared mind. George found an opportunity--The Premedical/Pre-Dental Plus Program, which was designed to make right education possible for student. George knew this was the way to do what he had always wanted to do. so he started the paperwork and interview. He caught the chance to be successful. Rameck had a dream to be a rapper, they spend many time in studio. Later on, George felt if they gave their books enough time, they were guaranteed to become a doctor. But they could go into the studio anytime, and with rap, it really came down to luck. He wasn’t willing to take that risk. Their career as rappers came to an abrupt halt, but they were on their way to becoming

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