Rebecca Solnit's If I Were A Man

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A vast majority of people have been living their lives as told. From the minute they are born, they are either male or female, according to their biological sex. It is common that they will keep that gender for the rest of their lives, conforming their actions and behaviors to what they have been directly told, and to what society has set out. As a result, they live their lives under one perspective, purposely or instinctively acting or behaving in a certain way. However, one might question what it would be like living in a whole new world, the world of the opposite gender. How would life be different? A question that Rebecca Solnit asked herself in her essay, “If I Were A Man”. There are privileges in being a man, especially, being a man in the past, but now, there are perks in being a woman, too. Perks that one might overlook that is explored in her writing. Solnit’s conclusion was that she would not wish to be a man, and her reasons are overall agreeable, but there are certain aspects that one might disagree with, as well.
Women are naturally more emotional than men. The relationships that women have with each other compared to the relationships that men have amongst one another is certainly
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Women can be in deep, emotional relationships with one another, while men risk tampering with their masculinity and fear judgement. On the other hand, men are ideologically more intelligent and naturally have more support, while women have to fight for it. Still, when they are successful, they are rebelling against the ideology, while a smaller success for men is a large failure. Whether someone is a man or a woman, there are social issues that come with both, which is why it is understandable that one might want to live outside of the gender norm. Breaking these social constructs will be freedom for

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