If I Sat And Analyzed My Life Essay

1066 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
If I sat and analyzed my life from beginning to start, I could say that my life has changes in many ways and some things have remained the same. Some of the things that I have noticed are the same is that I tend to get annoyed very easy and once someone breaks my trust or friendship; it is really hard to gain that again even when it comes down to family members. I have always had the ability to carry myself in a professional manner even when the time may be very uncomfortable. Thinking back with a strong memory, my goal was to always remain calm, humble and very mature no matter what kind of situation I may have faced. When I attended High School I looked forward to socializing with new faces, creating new bonds and getting to know others that were different from me daily. I believe to go far in life it requires to be open to communicating with others even those that we may disagree or have had a disagreement with. I struggled with forgiving those that have betrayed my trust but in the heat of the moment I control my pride, feelings and emotions focusing on the goal or positive outcome for the situation. Having a mature conversation or getting to the point where a disagreement can be discussed can take a conversation towards a good ending. I am learning to think things through and try to resolve the issue before completing giving up.
The aspect of my life that has changed is the way I look at others based on their patterns and behaviors. My perspective on someone could…

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