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Where Does My Identity Come From?
Some people believe that when they grow older they will be nothing like their parents or family. No matter what people want to make themselves believe; everyone pulls traits, ideas, views on world problems, and many other aspects as well from their life growing up. All of these qualities are what give people their self-identity. Not every person will be the same or view things the same way, each family has gone thought different journeys in their lives, some families have different cultures while others are from different eras and hold different traditions. Each one of these qualities that come from a family creates persons individuality and can create a self-confident person or a low one. With all of
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When he says to marry a pretty girl after meeting her mother he is saying that she will reflect who her mother is because that is where her identity comes from (438-439). Then he goes on to say that he needs to speak the truth to one man and work with another he is making sure that you always have someone who you can come to, but never let feelings overrun his judgment because he needs to work with others and be happy. The last thing the father says is to serve wine with your bread, but to always remember to serve wine. He is trying to say that his son always needs to be happy and see the joy in everything. With all of the things his father told him the son would most likely adhere to his fathers words. This in turn would make him wise like his father. He grew up in a loving and caring family.
On the other hand, a person could be raised in the same loving and caring home, but could have a long legacy of writers in their family, who all went to college, then went to becoming writers and getting published. Growing up they could have always heard people telling them that they are going to grow up just like their father, but this may or may not be something that this child intends to do with their life. Due to this family life a child could have a split identity. They would want to make their family proud, but on the other hand they want to be a doctor or a lawyer. Because of this their personal identity is going to be one of trying to please

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