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Charlene Vazquez

How online identities are influenced by online anonymity

Social media is considered an interaction between groups or individuals that share common or new ideas amongst people worldwide. There is a significant impact of social networks on young people. Children are being manipulated by networking sites such as Facebook, accessing them through via cellphones that has become the most important thing in their lives. By this method this form of communicating is wildly spread amongst peers, parents and others. There is less utilization on a face to face conversation which lacks interpersonal skills.

So now that we know what social media is, Do you know who you are? Do you want to be someone your not? Do
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However that depends on how much are you disclosing. If you really think about it, there are two type of ways of people identify themselves on social media? There are the ones who are suspicious and can be predators and then the ones who just does not care what they share whether it’s personal or a just image. This can impact naïve internet users in tremendous ways.

There is definitely a sensibility of anonymity and that no one will really know who they are or what they are doing while online. Like when older adults portrays themselves as younger person is to actually seduce a naïve boy or girl, which makes it easier for these predators since these young boys and girls place an image of themselves to be perceived as an easy target. Professionalism and credibility is also another concern that publications found in professional databases and articles in actual textbooks are not utilized more seriously than information provided on the internet. Are these students receiving most accurate information needed to exceeding school and work assignments? How do these young adults know concretely that the author has the credentials that everything that is reported is credible when most things on the internet can be modified? Young adults in this generation does not have to use their brain than the people who did years ago. Intelligence is being so confined and not being used as it should.

There are tremendously effects of social

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