Essay on Identity And Identity By Erik Erikson

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Identity is the concept, beliefs, qualities and expressions that differentiate us from the people around us. Identity is something that we develop into; that makes us different than anyone else. The way we define ourselves, through self-identity, is essentially the basis of our self-esteem and self-worth. Our social identity, is constructed through the opinions of others, with groups/labels we are associated into. Our identities are influenced by positive and negative of social identities.
Erik Erikson, made an argument that during adolescence, we experience an identity crisis; titled “Identity vs. Identity diffusion.” This is a point in which the adolescence begins to rethink their life, and tries to figure out where they would like life to take them. These attributes include; careers, relationships, sexuality, religion; over all to fit themselves in a label for society. The identity crisis is when the adolescent begins to experiment with different things, such as political choices, education, sexuality; ultimately, to find the best identity suited for them, to obtain a positive identity. A positive identity is linked with confidence, that stem from self-esteem and social identities; our opinions of ourselves, and the opinions that other people have of us. A negative identity is linked with unhappiness, or when one isn 't accepted for who/what they are from society.
James Marcia discussed the statuses of development, based on different stages of identity. Identity…

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