Identifying The Position Of Researcher, And Her Colleagues Share Their Experience Of Researchers Acquiring Theoretical Sensitivity

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What paper is about
Karen Hoare and her colleagues share their experience of researchers acquiring theoretical sensitivity.
Why relevant to my methodology
They also explain tools they noted that contributed in studying the “information sharing in nurse practitioners in New Zealand”. Theoretical sensitivity is the personal quality of the researcher who acquires awareness of meaning in data. Hoare believes that she has reasonable field exposure and tries to make sense of the data by reflecting her experience in the study.
What is taught
This article contributes to my GT research understanding by explicitly discussing the position of researcher, path to analysis, and interpretation in building theory.
My critique
Hoare also mentions that researcher needs to specify the unit of analysis to identify the setting and scope of the research. Her unit of analysis is the “general practice” and she builds theoretical sensitivity with her personal experience on incorrect practices and roles of current New Zealand’s nurses. I think that practical tool will be varied with the unit of analysis and setting. For my study, my unit of analysis will be health seeking behaviour and I can use both my previous local experience and the reading of literature to increase my theoretical sensitivity.

(4) Hoare, K. J., Mills, J., & Francis, K. (2013). New graduate nurses as knowledge brokers in general practice in New Zealand: A constructivist grounded theory. Health & Social Care in the Community,…

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