Identifying The Communication And Teamwork Problems Essay

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Journal: Team Collaboration

Description: Describe the communication and teamwork problems noted in the videos. Share how you rated the performance of one of the teams on one of the videos
The STEPP primary care videos and long term care video demonstrated various situations in which team work “failed” due to lack of communication. The first set of videos illustrated team dynamics between front line staff, medical assistants, nurses and physicians. In clip one the breakdown in communication is seen when the attending physician bypasses the reception and helps a friend/patient by having them “fit in to the schedule”. The receptionists is unaware of any patient information other than their name and room number, therefore the medical assistant is upset and takes his frustration out on the receptionist when he is unable to perform his tasks due to being uninformed. The lack of interest shown by the other doctors regarding patient care and “office flow” indicated by the other physicians when the medical assistant tries to obtain patient info. Video two demonstrates the problems an office/unit can face when short staffed. Unfornatently the communication obstacles faced by the receptionist are witnessed by the head physicians lack of interest in delegating the “triage protocol” even when a head nurse suggests having a huddle to inform the staff of the shortage. Of all the video this clip demonstrated teamwork even with broken communication. Using the Mayo High Performance…

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