Identifying My Professional Career Goals Essay examples

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In this assignment, I am going to be identifying my professional career aspirations. Based on previous work experience and personal experiences I will be reviewing the skills I already possess and hope to develop whilst at university. In any career, you need to be able to have a set of basic skills ranging from your ability to work in a team to communicate yourself efficiently to other people, but the main being to have enough drive and motivation within yourself to succeed. (University of Kent, n.d.) But it is whether or not you can then lead and inspire others to succeed along with you in order to have you stand out as a strong manager. (Careers-in-Business, 2009)

I am seeking to pursue a career in hospitality. Due to my confident and assertive personality, I see myself succeeding in a career where I am working with people on a daily basis. Knowing that the managerial roles would require some form of experience beforehand, I would try to go into a company which offers career progressions throughout the time spent working there. I would aim to start as a waitress where my job skills would be minimal but I would aim to work upward toward a supervisor where my skills would progress further. This may be a long process as it is challenging to simply work upward without hurdles. However, with the possibility of fluctuating within the industry and working in all sectors, I am aiming to gain enough experience to apply for a managerial position. I feel there are a lot of benefits…

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