Essay on Ict : The Relevance Of Ict

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The relevance of ICTs in modern pedagogy
Motivation has always been a problem when we talk about education. Techniques were used to try to counter this problem. One in particular is getting our attention. Technologies are being adapted to education in order to increase the student’s level of motivation. The question is: Is it relevant to use information and communication technologies in education? If yes, how does it affect the modern education? First of all, what are information and communication technologies? There is no specific definition of what an ICT really is but we can say that it is all the software and electronic devices used to get information on the internet. It also includes all the software that modifies this information to communicate appropriately to an audience. I think that ICTs really are appropriate in modern education. They raise the student’s motivation. They offer new approaches of teaching. They facilitate the communication of the material of the course. Most of the students use computer to entertain themselves. Would they be enough self-motivated to do their work instead of playing games or navigating on social media? This is what the research is about. In the province of Quebec, the dropout rate slightly decreased in the last 10 years according to the MELS website. I think that it will continue to decrease as we go further. As a student, when I was in elementary or high school level, I was bored to death. Teachers were only using chalks and the…

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