Essay about Ict Classroom And Ct / Resource Room Program

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For the purpose of this essay, I will be writing from a high school principal perspective with a school population of 1,200 and a special education population is approximately 17%. In order for our school to transition to an ICT approach, we would have to notify the stakeholders by providing them with some visuals to demonstrate the differences between an ICT classroom and CT/Resource Room Program. Furthermore, historical data about the improvement in schools who have switched to this model will be demonstrated. I will emphasis that “students in our one Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class were making significantly more progress on the state tests.” This is differently related to Standard 4 because it is important for “ the school to collect and analyze information pertinent to improvement of the school’s educational environment.” This will give [the school] and opportunity to learn what strategies work from previous success and challenges that other school faced during this implementation process. In order to “[build] and [sustain] positive school relationships with families and caregivers, we will involve the PTA and have Parent Leaders to assist in the sessions on how moving to an ICT model will be a better choice for our school.

Once all the stakeholders are noticed, we will post vacancies for new co-teachers positions that needs to be filled in order for us to go through with the ICT model. Since the school already have one ICT class which is very successful, we will…

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