Ibn Battutah Research Paper

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The Life of Ibn Battutah
Ibn Battutah was an incredible traveler and author in his lifetime. The web article, IBN Baṭṭūṭah Muslim Explorer and Writer by Ivan Hrbek, he stated that Battutah was "...the greatest medieval Muslim traveler and the author of one of the most famous travel books, the Riḥlah(Travels)” (Hrbek). Ibn Batttah was so memorable because of the distances he traveled and the reason behind his travels. Battutah traveled over 75,000 miles in his life and he embarked on these trips because he enjoyed it, he liked to explore new cultures and to meet new people (Hrbek). To travel for pleasure was a generally unknown concept in this time period, but Battutah challenged this concept. In addition to his travels, he also documented his trips and he produced little error with dates of when and where he was at the time. Ibn Battutah was an extraordinary traveler and had a sincere passion for it, traveling almost 80,000 miles in the 1300s is almost unbelievable.
Battutah was born in 1304, and he grew up to be a Muslim judge, as many other children in his family did (Hrbek). His first travel experience was to Mecca, this journey is one that many
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He got to travel, see new cultures and experience life in so many different countries. He was a successful scholar, traveler, and author. His documentation of the travels he pursued and the dates listed produce little error (Hrbek). However, the article was a little hard to follow. If one is unfamiliar with the geographic landscape of Asia and Africa, it could be extremely challenging to know exactly where he went and the steps he took to get there. Luckily a map was provided, but it can still be a little tricky to understand. Other than that, I enjoyed learning about Battutah’s nomad lifestyle. Battutah was an educated and prestigious man, he made a life out of a passion unknown to others of the time, and became a success to everyone. I am inspired by his travels and

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