Essay about Iago : No Ordinary Villain

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Iago: No Ordinary Villain
In Shakespeare’s play Othello, from the outside looking in, Iago seems like a villain. Is he a bad person because he will stop at nothing to reach his goals? Iago is not the evil person as we all may think. In fact, he is the anti-hero of the play Othello. Looking at the play critically we can identify Iago’s driving motivations and classify why exactly he is the anti-hero of the story.
We observe Iago 's morals and ethics from the very beginning of the play. He is motivated to take action against those who challenge him. However, are his actions so malicious or far-fetched to label him as evil? Iago is very calculating and manipulative in the way that he dupes everyone to further his agenda. He also is very cunning and persuasive in his ability to cause his intimates and associates to take action that are in his best interests. Iago 's motivations are apparent, as he is obviously disgruntled with
Othello 's lack of judgment in choosing the “best-suited” lieutenant, and does not think that Othello, who is not a Venetian by birth, should serve as general to command their forces. However, he is more upset that Othello could select Michael Cassio, who has no military background, instead of himself: “Forsooth, a great arithmetician” (Act 1, Scene
Iago is incredibly talented at pitting one person against the other – all in an effort to carry out his schemes without any of them realizing it. He uses Roderigo 's love for
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