Essay On Im And Cosmopolitanism

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There are no secrets that almost everyone today are interconnected as a result of globalization. IM and Cosmopolitanism, I believe both concepts of IM and cosmopolitanism can prepare our children to be interconnected and globalized. There are many different forms of IM which could be recognized. It is essential that children are aware of these as they would be promoted with more global interests. With my experience I would strongly promote IM not only among international schools, also at the national schools now than before.
Both of these concepts contribute its own key features to the children within the school as a group or individually. The school needs to prepare the children to see the world while they are loyal and proud of their own culture and values. It is necessary them to understand or be part of the global community as well since most children these days are traveling around the world than before.
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One of the main reasons would be parents reluctant to accept their children learning new cultures and other religions or even they have no intention of moving out of their own local community .Also some children don’t want to be part of the global community since I would rather say that they are more conservative. It would be hard to convince them the importance to be part of the globalization.

I would rather end this discussion by highlighting a passage by Charles Gellar (in Hayden & Thompson, 1995) illustrates this conceptualization of cosmopolitan education in an international education context:

Not so much curriculum, but what takes place in the minds of children as they work and play together with children of other cultures and backgrounds … that cooperation, not competition, is the only viable way to solve the major problems facing the planet, all of which transcend ethnic and political

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