Essay on I Watched The Founding Fathers Documentary

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I watched the Founding Fathers documentary, episode 3. The subject of this film is the founding fathers such as, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, and John Adams and how they all became ‘founding fathers’ of the United States. The film begins by discussing Thomas Jefferson and how much he cared about dependence, how he contributed to getting independence, his actions, and his more personal ways of life. The documentary eventually transitions into discussing George Washington. This film discusses George Washington’s efforts in battles, his armies, and his leadership. The documentary then transitions into a discussion about how Benjamin Franklin and John Adams were different and their personal attributes. Then, after much discussion about George Washington’s continental army, Alexander Hamilton comes into the picture. This documentary discusses Alexander Hamilton’s childhood, how he got to the United States, and his accomplishments. Finally, the documentary begins to discuss Benjamin Franklin and his accomplishments. The majority of the documentary, Founding Fathers, is told in a third person point of view by various authors and history professionals. However, throughout the documentary, the founding fathers are portrayed by speaking in a first person point of view. Although it is not actually the real founding fathers, this documentary still presents their ideas in their point of view, as if they were the ones speaking. This documentary…

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