I Was The Best Year Of Your Life Essay

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Not so sweet sixteen The year you turn sixteen is supposed to be the best year of your life. It was my junior year, almost done with high school. My sixteenth birthday had just passed. I had a new mustang, a boyfriend of a year, good grades, and a great social life. Life couldn’t have been any better for me. Except my home life. I was living with my parents who had just had their 25th wedding anniversary, and my older brother. You would think my parent’s relationship would be great since they have been married 25 years. Sadly, it was completely opposite then what it should be. On November 4, 2001 my dad was involved in a very serious wreck. He was rear-ended by a semi which caused his truck to roll 500 feet into a ditch. He was wearing his seat belt when his seat collapsed. He had a broken back, closed in head injury, and damage to his sciatic nerve. Since it was the early 2000’s medical technology had not advanced yet. He underwent many surgeries which eventually left him with a titanium rod as a spine and two screws holding his back together. As years went by my dad was prescribed some of the highest narcotics made. He began to get addicted. There were days he would not get out of bed. He would only go to work two days a week. He was in charge of a multimillion dollar company. He ran Langboard until 2010 when he was forced to retire and put on disability. He would stay home all day and lay in bed and have a page long chores list for my brother and I when we got…

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