I Was Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia And Tmj Essay

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and TMJ in the eighth grade. It completely altered my life and how I lived it. I underwent surgeries and various blood tests to deduce what conditions I could have had. The surgeries and blood tests never revealed that anything was problematic with my body. In order to acquire a definite diagnosis, I had to endure a series of pokes and taps of the tender points for a fibromyalgia patient. Having fibromyalgia was inevitable. Every point touched on my body there was a stabbing sensation. My temporomandibular joint, predominantly known as TMJ, was diagnosed when the doctor felt and fondled my jaw and pushed on the pain sites. Right then and there I was given the news that I had TMJ.
My TMJ was treated by using electric shock therapy on my jaw to help relax it more and reduce pain. I also wore a splint in my mouth. The splint was placed over my tongue and on top of my teeth. The splint prevented me from grinding my teeth as hard as I had in the past.
My fibromyalgia plays a big role in my body’s ability to play sports. I struggle to keep up with other athletes at times because fibromyalgia causes me immense pain. I have taken seizure medications in an effort to ease my overactive nerves, but no medication has relieved my pain yet.
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome my freshmen year. I had no choice but to go through surgery in attempt to open my airways to improve breathing, which was unsuccessful. Due to lack of…

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