Essay I Was Born Into A Catholic Family

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I was born into a Catholic family. Both my mom and my dad are Catholic and both grew up Catholic families, as well. This being said, I grew up as a Catholic and I always thought I would be Catholic forever. I still believe that I would like to remain Catholic, but this class has taught me what it means to be Catholic and the responsibilities that come with it. Though I grew up Catholic, I never attended a Catholic school. I went to a public elementary school and a private middle school. I played sports for CYO teams (image below is our St. Anne 's girls basketball team picture) and went to mass on Sunday, but I never really got the opportunity to Catholic courses. For a few years, I went to Faith Foundations on Wednesday nights at my church, St. Anne 's, so coming into this class I did have basic information about Christianity and Catholicism. But, considering I took these classes from second to fifth grade, I couldn 't remember much information. I believe that the most valuable lessons I learned during this semester of Foundations of Faith were the individual stories from the Bible, and also how to read the Bible. These two aspects are core concepts of Catholicism that I was very glad to learn about. I think the lesson that helped me more learn about my personal faith was the question of theodicy. This really made me think more about God and the goodness of God and people. Through both moral and natural evil it can sometimes be hard to see the presence of God, but I learned…

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