Essay on I Was Born A Solid 90 's Baby, At Antelope Valley Hospital

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I was born a solid 90’s baby, at Antelope Valley Hospital. At the time it was my mother and my father and my two older sisters. However, we didn’t stay there long, we moved to Sylmar, California. My parents worked in Santa Clarita, California and my grandmother had a house out there so I was registered to go to school in her neighborhood. This was the most beneficial route for my parents to maintain in their daily routine. Nonetheless there wasn’t regularly any fair trade between the two, so they argued constantly over the stress they faced. Since, I lived in a different area than where I went to school I didn’t get to know the kids in my classroom or neighborhood. I was forced to play with my older sisters and they weren’t the nicest or much fun anyways. So most of the time I would play by myself or Playstation was considered my friend. As time led on with the lack of communication and the proper exchange of emotion, my parents got a divorced. After my parents divorced. I moved away from my home in Sylmar to Santa Clarita to my grandmother’s house with my mom and sisters.
At this point, I was able to establish closer relationships with the children in that neighbor. Despite making friends, after my parents got divorced like the majority of children, I became distant and acted out often. Also my mother met another guy and actually had three more children with him. So now I wasn’t the baby in the family. Eventually, I didn’t get along with either parent and wanted to be at a…

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