Essay on Adlerian Theory Theoretical Presentation Outline

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Adlerian Theory Theoretical Presentation Outline
History of Adler Alfred Adler was originally a private practicing ophthalmologist in 1898. However, it wasn’t until later, Adler became a psychiatrist. A few years later his psychoanalytic views on social situations attracted the attention of Sigmund Freud. In 1902 Adler was asked to be one of the first four members of Freud’s psychoanalytic circle, also known as the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. Where he later began researching more into social situations, whereas other members focused on biological factors. It wasn’t until 1911 when Adler became president of the circle, he left the circle and started his own Society for Free Psychoanalytic Research or Investigation. This was later called Society for individual Psychology. Later on, Adler was called to serve the military in Vienna during WWI where he witnessed many tragic events happening which then, in turn, stimulated his views of social factors having an influence on psychoanalysis.
In 1932 Adler and his wife found it necessary to move to the United States in New York City due to the outbreak of Nazi’s in the area. He then became the head of medical psychology at Long Island College of Medicine. Adler then later died of a heart attack in Scotland in 1937. Leaving his children to continue his work (Sharf, 2015).
History of Adlerian Theory Adlerian theory was greatly influenced by Sigmund Freud. However, they had many disagreements as well. Such as the…

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