I Was A Part Of An Army Essay

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Essay #1 I was a part of an army. An army of actors and crew members with one goal in mind, get the film done. The leader of the army was Gus Van Sant. I was ten years old and only a small puzzle piece to this massive Picasso-like puzzle. On the first day of shooting in San Francisco and we were shuttled from the dressing rooms in downtown to the Castro district. The kids were the last to arrive on set. The minute I stepped out of the shuttle, I was slingshotted into the middle of a enormous street festival scene, in which I was directed by an assistant to walk in front of store window with two other kids. I anxiously waited for the director’s cue. I had never been on set before and quickly I fell in love. It felt like Disneyland on steroids. I didn’t even have time to process my fascination when I heard “ACTION!” screech from the inside of a store. Every actor in the street fell into character and suddenly, I was in the 1960’s and about to witness Harvey Milk’s presence. I walked in front of the window as I was instructed, and “BAM!” Sean Penn stalked by a camera. Sean Penn played Harvey Milk and James Franco played his boyfriend. We ran the scene back about ten times. Each time as I would walk back I would stare inside the store where they were shooting the first part of the scene. I was fascinated by the director. Each time I poked my head in, it looked as though he was directing a symphony in that room. He was very calm and persuasive with the actors. It was a huge…

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