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Open Question: In need of an honest evaluation of my chances at admission?
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In need of a reasonable evaluation of my chances at several top schools
Since this seems to the preeminent center of college discussion online, I’d love to hear an honest and reasonable assessment of my likelihood of admission at the following schools: Duke, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, University of VA

Here’s everything I can offer in the way of information:

I just began my senior year at Plant High School in Tampa, FL (a hyper-competitive public
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I’m also a member of several national and school academic honor societies, including Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society (serve as Historian), Social Studies Honor Society (serve as President), I Dare You (school society for 6 consecutive quarters of all As), Science Honor Society, and Beta Honor Club.
As for extracurriculars, I’ve sadly participated in no athletic or musical programs while in high school (though I do enjoy basketball/baseball/table tennis recreationally, and am considering college participation for each at some level) However, I’ve been fervently involved in our chapter of the Florida Youth in Government Program, and have attended 2 State Conferences in Tallahassee. I also served as VP of Legislation during my junior year.
Strangely, I’ve also discovered an interest in our drama program as of Junior year, participating in 2 school productions, 1 competitive production at USF, and 1 individual drama competition at Wharton High School. I’ve joined our school’s Drama Club, and, as mentioned earlier, have recently been inducted into the Thespians Honor Society. Oh, and my peers awarded my performances with 3 Henry distinctions.
Finally, and perhaps less significantly, I attended several math competitions during my freshmen year. Though I always managed to miss the top individual rankings, I helped our school’s geometry team to several top finishes in the team rounds.
And finally, I have logged

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