Essay about I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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The point of the essay “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady is that a marriage is supposed to be a partnership and is not an ownership. The essay is important because wives and husbands need to know that it takes teamwork to make a marriage be successful. The intended audience of the essay is for both husband and wife. Brady uses ethos, logos, and pathos to make her argument valid throughout the essay.
Brady lists many tasks and chores that happen in a day to day basis in a marriage. She makes it clear that husbands demand too much out of their wives. The roles of wife and husband are clearly unfair. The husband expects the wife to cater to his every need and to push her needs to the side. Brady is fed up with her role of being a wife and would like to trade roles with her husband so that he can realize everything she does in order to keep him happy, fed, and clothed while also tending to the kids.
Brady wants wives and husbands to know that in order to make a marriage work that it will take teamwork. It is not only up to the wife to make sure things get taken care of. The husband needs to step up and take responsibility as well. He should not expect so much out of his wife to where she feels like she is his servant or caregiver rather than his partner.
Brady wrote “I Want a Wife” to both members, wife and husband. While it may seem that it is just to the husbands it is also intended for the wives. The husbands needs to stop being so demanding all the time and the wives need to…

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