Essay on I Want A Bagel At Another Terminal

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The morning felt special, even though nothing was actually happening. We woke up early, got ready and sat in the living room waiting for our ride. It felt eternal, we flipped through channels playing infomercials. Occasionally, one of us would run upstairs to get a last minute thing. Our ride arrived, we got in the car and slowly left our house. The car was packed, there were five of us and twelve luggage bags, though it was not uncomfortable. We got to the Atlanta airport and did all the normal procedures: check in, go through security, and wait. I decided to get a bagel at another terminal. I took the skytrain to the terminal and back. I knew that was going to be my last bagel with cream cheese for a while. We got on the plane to Dallas, the flight was turbulent, long, and going in the opposite direction of our final destination. It was our first time in Texas, but it didn 't feel much different than any other state. It was a long wait, so we were able to eat at a sit down restaurant, my mom talked on the phone with one of her friends that lived nearby. We thought of going to see her, but that meant having to check back in through security and possibly missing our next flight, so we stayed. We went to the duty free shops and explored the airport, which had art pieces scattered around.

“Welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay” said the flight attendant in a thick accent. My dad and I both laughed at her, while my mom cried tears of joy. Some clapped, I didn 't because I…

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