Essay on I Thank God For The God

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First I want to acknowledge God the Father, Son , and Holy Spirit, and give thanks to Him who gives us "all we need" according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). I thank God for the opportunity to explain in adequate detail my disagreements with certain teachings, basing my theology on what the scriptures actually say and teach, and relying on the Holy Spirit alone to reveal the truth of God 's word. My prayer is that I will not cause dissension or dispute, but that to the glory of God and the praise of Jesus Christ I might win some to reason with the scriptures and challenge themselves according to the scriptures so that we might know and live an unadulterated gospel.

All my responses and the approach I use to give them are in love, not arrogance or hostility. I quoted each statement individually because I felt it was the best way to address each claim, and I am not aiming to personally attack anyone for their comments.

In the end, I pray we can begin to agree on the scriptures concerning this subject.

Claim/Quote 1: "My Bible says we are to live 'heaven to earth ': Defined as, 'Whatever is in heaven should be on earth. How life was in the garden before the fall of man when all of Adam and Eve 's needs were met. '"

Response: This statement is conjecture and can 't be proven by scripture. The Bible doesn 't actually say "we are to live 'heaven to earth '". There is no literal verse in the Bible explicitly stating that. We know there are…

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