I Support The Weight Of High School Essay

737 Words Aug 18th, 2016 3 Pages
The roaring of the loud crowd surrounds me like an ambush of tigers sucking out my inner anxiousness to paint an impeccable picture of itself on my face. I feel the adrenaline rushing in my blood and crawling creepily at the speed of light to the blood vessels in my face. My temperature rises as if my cheeks were slowly absorbing the heat from a hot stove. I support the weight of high expectations on my shoulder from myself and my family. I get onto my starting block and after every second going by I can hear my heart beating in my own ears so deafeningly as if it were pounding on my ribcage to rip free from my chest. I concentrate on gulping as much of oxygen I can accommodate in my mouth like a lion deprived of food and is ferociously stuffing his face with his fresh kill, and breathing it out to relax my thumping heart. My ears await like soldiers given strict instruction to signal my entire body when the shuttering sound of the gun going off piercing into my ears like being beside a firework display with no protection. I hear the heavy monotone voice through a speaker demanding, “On your marks,” I ensure I’m on the blocks and can feel my muscles ticking like a crazy alarm clock on account of the quick pumping of blood through my body. “Get set!” I lift myself into starting position and focus on the red ribbon streaking across the track like fresh red paint. It flaps in the violent wind like an escaping seagull flapping it wings from death trying to capture it. I focus…

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