I See Four Kinds Of Pressure Working On College Students Essay

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Essay one
The first semester of a college’s students career will be one of the most exciting yet stressful semesters of their college career. Coming straight out of high school or a job, college will be a very different kind of education any student has taken in their academic career. Different in a sense of the new academic obstacles that a college student must overcome to succeed. Obstacles like the writer William Zinsser once wrote “I see four kinds of pressure working on college students today: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure and self-induced pressure” (Zinsser 2). Zinsser’s example are examples of college obstacles, however the obstacles focused in this essay will be those that freshman college students endure while in their first semester/year of college. Freshman college students will experience academic obstacles they will have to overcome by adjusting to the new type of education they are going to take.
Freshman college student are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to prioritizing for their courses. Colleges give more priority towards students who are closer to the transferring process compared to the a new little to no transfer credit student. This prioritizing method could lead to a very common freshman obstacle of impacted classes. When a student is begging to register for their classes they begin to notice that the certain classes they want may be getting close too full or there is no more space available for another student. Not…

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