Essay on I Sat Down At The Dinner Table With My Family

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I sat down at the dinner table with my family. My parents ask me how my semester went and to share some interesting things that I have learned at school. I begun with the question ‘how do you define religion?’ followed by ‘what do you think the role of religion is in our world?’. I understand very well those are very personal questions and no right answer. However, these simple questions can reveal so much from the person’s identity to their personality to their openness to diversity and wisdom. I thought it would be interesting to introduce two influential scholars that approached religion is contrasting directions. I brought Mircea Eliade to our discussion. His definition of religion and emphasis on the role of religion offers multitudes of perspective with a physiological aspect. I also introduced Max Weber to our discussion as his studies are more contemporary and easily relatable to western sociology and economy. Weber’s theories also offer new ideas to analyse religion outside of its stereotypical frame of worship, church and deities. He brings forth intriguing ideas and sees religion as a set of ideas that transcends the supernatural beliefs to human development and cultivation. I attempted to explain Eliade and Weber’s ideas in a simplistic, relatable language to better promote contribution, discussion and perhaps debate from everyone in the table from old and young. Finally, I wanted to explain why understanding diversity is important and how these knowledge is…

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