Essay on I Remember How Much Work

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Growing up I remember how much work and effort my parents put into getting my brother into trucks, GI Joes, and “boy” things, but he always went back to wanting to play with my Barbie’s and My Little Pony’s. Other people told my parents it was a phase and he was still young and did not know the difference between boy toys and girl toys, he just saw the toys his older sister had and wanted to play with that instead. As he got older he never really grew out of the “phase” but learned to almost cover it up because he would be picked on in school and be called names and he didn’t want to feel weird or be a “loser.” He would still play with this girly toys in the privacy of our home and he would hide them in a box under his bed so if he had friends over no one would see. When he told us he was transgender I couldn’t help but be curious and I had so many questions for him, the biggest challenge he said growing up was feeling like no one would ever or could ever begin to understand how hard it was trying to fit into a mold that just was not him. He said he hated that he had to make himself play sports and take a girl to prom and wear a dress shirt and tie, he envied the girls with long hair, makeup and beautiful dresses. He said he felt stuck his whole life knowing he was different but having to pretend to be a typical “boy.”
For a good stretch of time I felt very overwhelmed, confused and a bit mad at my brother and the situation. I would like to say I am fully and completely…

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