I Remember As A Poem Essay

1693 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
I remember as clear as yesterday when I was standing in front in the Volle Evangelie kerk, church ready to recite a poem for The congregationa and specially for my mother. The poem was called “My Mamie”, my mother I got stage fright and I said that same prhase over at least 5 times then ran off the front. Well I am not going to do that now. Before I get into the juicy part of this memoirs I need to remind you that I loved my mother dearly. I was glad to have a mother like her, she was not perfect. She was no even always there when I needed her but she was great when she was there. My mother loves god and started many satellite churches and served as Sunday school director for many years.My mother always kept my life interesting and fun – she was our best friend. When I was in school I could talk to my mom openly about most stuff. Our friend scam over to our hosue when we skipped school because my mother felt that was better to know where her kids are than not to know. My mother taught me to play tennis, my mother continuously took me to the beauty salons to teach me about makeup eticette and beayt. My mother took me to ballet and spanish dancing. My mother directed plays in our village. My mother worked as a cpa, farmed,, cut down trees and loved my dad. She tried to teach me to be a perfectionist like her but I could not stomach that part and failed. My mother shouse always is and was clean and perfectly decorated like a house in a magazine. My mother was…

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