I Never Was A Kid That Loved Reading And Writing Essay

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I never was a kid that loved Reading and Writing. Science and History were my favorite subjects from elementary to high school. I always had a problem with grammar and sentence structure, I never understood where to place a comma, a semicolon or a period. It was always funny to me that my favorite part of any English class was when it came down to poems, I loved writing poems it was something about them that freed my mind. I can’t remember my first poem but I do remember that it was the first hundred I received on anything I wrote. Come to think about it I was probably in the fifth grade. From then on I always continued to dibble and dabble in writing them. In the twelfth grade is when I wrote most of my poems, I liked using similes and metaphors. It always interests me on how you can compare something with or without using like or as.
Continuing to write these poems made me somewhat of a better writer when it came to placing commas and periods in the correct place. Before I graduated from high school my English teacher stood in front of the entire class and told them that I was an English teacher’s dream student. It excited me to hear these words derive from his mouth. That he could tell me where to fix something and I would go back and do so with no hesitation or question. This alone lets me know that I indeed had gotten much better with my writing. I wrote a fictional story for my final in his class and he loved it. I can’t lie I loved it too even shared it with a few…

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