Essay on I Liked About The Keirsey Temperament Sorter And Learned

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Working with Others
After taking the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and learned profoundly about my weaknesses and strengths. I realized that to have a harmonic relationship with the other temperaments, I need to improve in my weaknesses. Some of the things I must improve is in my communication skills, shyness as well as my inflexibility. What I liked about the Keirsey assessment unlike other ones I did in the past, was their constructive feedback when most of other tools focus only on the positives. These indicators have helped me to recognize my limitations and gave me a clearer direction on how to increase effectiveness. It reminded me that warm and tactful communication can increase my effectiveness, and see opportunities to change my behavior almost immediately.
Competing Values Framework
Everybody is not born managers however, many of us have the capacity to be one in the foreseeable future and to make that happen, we must learn and develop managerial skills. Having creative initiative, ability to manage conflicts or know how to manage time are some of the skills and techniques necessary to be an effective manager. We cannot learn these skills from one day to another without training and gaining knowledge. This is something I learnt in the book Becoming a Master Manager by Quinn et al.
What defines an effective manager is their competing values and expertise. There are certain qualities that every master manager must have and even though there are paradoxical, there are…

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