Essay on I Interviewed Diana 's Life

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I interviewed Diana, a fifty-one-year-old female, who is married and has a twenty-one-year-old son who lives at home. She is the third child of three; her sister is nineteen years older than her and her brother is thirteen years older. She was always called the “menopause mistake” a term that she hated. As a senior in high school Diana’s sister got engaged to her high school boyfriend, Ken, after it was discovered that she was pregnant. Diana’s Mom was pregnant with her at the same time as Diana’s sister was pregnant. The sister had a boy named Kenny and he and Diana grew up like siblings.
Diana’s parents had an apartment above their garage when Nancy, Ken and their two children lived. Diana’s parents always hung out with “old people,” so Diana spent much of her time with her sister’s family where there were kids her age. Children and women loved hanging out with Ken; he was handsome, and looked like a young Elvis. He made friends with children by playing games and hanging out with them. From the ages of four to six years old, Ken molested Diana. She had a spot on a couch to sleep at his home, and, when she spent the night there, he would come to her during the night and molest her. Once while he was playing doctor with his two boys and Diana on the bunk beds. Ken put a blanket over the bottom bunk and molested her while the boys were playing on the top bunk. The molestation continued until Ken and Nancy moved to another house when Diana was six. Diana kept this a secret…

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