Compare And Contrast Rosa Parks And Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks once said, “ I was tired… tired of giving in.” Ruby Bridges once said, “Children know nothing of racism. It is taught by adults.¨ Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges were two strong, independent women. They both stood up for what they believed in. Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges were both major contributions to history and stood up for what is right. Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges have many things in common. Not only do they have things in common, they also have plenty of things that contrast about these two women. Rosa Parks was a great woman. Mrs. Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913. Her childhood was normal for the highly segregated time period. Her father built houses and her mom was a teacher. Rosa Parks’ free time as a child consisted of picking cotton in fields for extra money. In 1955, Rosa Parks made history. On December …show more content…
One, is that the did it in different ways. Rosa Parks stood up for her rights by making a stand and not being afraid of the consequences. Ruby Bridges did it by remaining silent and not listening to the rude remarks from the white segregated people. That showed that you can make your stand anyway possible to change the future. Not only did they do it in different ways, but another difference is that they were different ages when they made their stand. Rosa Parks, when she made her stand, she was in her 40’s, which determined how she did it. When Ruby Bridges made her stand, she was 6 years old, which is extremely young. It shows that age doesn't matter when you do remarkable things. Lastly, they grew up in different environments. Rosa Parks grew up in a very segregated time and place. She grew up knowing segregation was there, for what we know she worked part time as a slave. Ruby Bridges grew up in more of a protected household, shielded from segregation. That determines how they made their stand and in the ways they did

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