Essay about I Have Taken The Class

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I have taken the class “Introduction of Theatre.” I was surprised that we all are required to do the creative project and presentation. The professor assigned every student to choose the topic relating to class materials and inspiring us as well. It was very hard to decide when I initially thought about it because there are many areas of theatre materials that are interesting. Throughout the whole paper, I would present the process and the significant reflection on creating the creative project and presentation.
When I received the assignment of creative project and presentation from the professor, I was concerned how I should do in order to satisfy professor’s expectation. She was very flexible with students to decide whatever they wanted, but just related to class materials. In the process, the first challenge is how to select a partner to do this creative project. I was anxiety and nervous when I had to do the project alone without a group and partnerships. I always asked Jash, who is TA in this class, about what topic I should do. I was thankful my TA to recommend to find one of my friends to do the project together. I thought this was a great chance not only the help from friend, but also a close relationship with friend. With a group, it had supported my confidence for the project. We began the creative project and presentation with selecting the specific area of class materials that inspired us. Surprisingly, we selected the similar topic, which is, creating the…

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