I Have Selected Option Two : What Is The Most Inventive Or Innovative Thing You 've Done?

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For my writing exercise, I have selected option-two – "What is the most inventive or innovative thing you’ve done?" I have chosen to share with you an example of how I was able to apply my innovative knowledge management experience to enhance a marginal customer user experience into a best in class, award-winning customer experience.

I have long had a passion for sharing information and for working with people to support them with the development of their own skills for sharing information. For more than thirteen years, I had worked for various companies in a knowledge management (KM) capacity. Then, in 2003, I started my own knowledge management consulting practice, Conscientia Consulting, which enabled me to share with my clients, my passion to foster the development of their corporate knowledge environment, and enabled them to redefine the way in which they share information within their company, and with their customers. During the next six years, I worked with my clients to enhance their staff 's abilities to support their customers by capturing and reusing information. During this time, I began to define and develop innovative process changes to improve the overall practice of knowledge management. In July of 2009, after six years of developing my knowledge management consultancy practice, I left my practice to become the Senior Knowledge Base Manager with Deltek Inc. Deltek added the new position because they were having challenges with managing their…

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