I Have Grown As A Writer Essay examples

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In the past semester, I have grown as a writer holistically. Before I began my first-year English composition course, I wrote the DSP (Directed Self-Placement) test.The prompt was whether or not college is worth the investment for the current generation. When I read the instructions that the essay wouldn’t be graded, I knew I could write anything just for the sake of finishing the assignment. When I reread my DSP essay I realized the lack of effort I put into the writing. The syntax of the essay feels off, because of the constant tense changes. My stance on the topic, arguing whether or not a college education is a necessity, is ambivalent. I essentially wrote college is a good thing but it might not work out sometimes. I took the easy way out and summarized the information, instead of sincerely analyzing the documents provided. My apathy and lack of knowledge resulted in a poorly written DSP essay.
Once I began college and tried to write a difficulty paper I was lost because I was unfamiliar with the process of writing in that format. My main confusion with the difficulty paper was developing a central question. On the cover memo of my difficulty paper I wrote, “I understood what was required for the central question, but I still did not know how to create it... I found it even more difficult with my research.” Instead of visiting Professor Fama during office hours to ask for help on the process, I procrastinated leaving my writing to suffer. I was incredibly confused…

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