I Have Created E Media And Print Promotional Materials For My New Television Show The Next Great Artist

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I have created e-media and print promotional materials for my new television show The Next Great Artist. I have created a website, teaser poster ad campaign, an official logo (brand image), a social network page (Twitter) with an icon and animated banner to accompany it. My intended to be as my target demographic, are from the ages of 15-35, particularly those from the ages of 17-21, for it was A level and University students that were of central focus. Reasoning behind selecting this as my target audience is that my research identified the majority of E4 viewers are female (61%) and over half of the audience (including both genders), are of the ages 16-34 (with a total percentage of 54%). However, to create a wider range of people within my target audience, I decided to select an audience of both genders and that the products should present themselves with a brand image appealing to a unisex market. This also made sense as art has a cross gender appeal. As the show will be aired at 9pm on a Wednesday (research showed that many contest programs are broadcasted on this day), it would be an ideal relaxing point for the students as they are able to sit down and watch the show after a busy day of work, especially art students as this is a concept of an artist 's competition, so it is crucial to gain their attention as a priority.

In order to obtain a brand image suitable for a unisex audience, colours were a significant aspect to portray both the masculine and feminine…

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